The Port St. Lucie City Mayor Joanne Faiella visited the Government Affairs Committee on August 21st at the Realtors Association of St. Lucie with an update about what’s going on in the city.

Here’s a whirlwind overview of what she shared:

  1. Port St Lucie is the 9th largest city in Florida with 167,000 residents currently.
  2. We were also named in the top safest cities per capita for the 9th year in a row with a 19% reduction in crime compared to last year.
  3. Big businesses and jobs are coming to our city: AC Moore craft store just opened. Bass Pro is set to open October 2013 providing 300 jobs. Burlington Coat Factory will open soon providing 250 new jobs. Martin Memorial Health Systems in Tradition is slated to open December 6th of this year and will create 525 new jobs within the company. Aegis is looking to expand in to the building next door. Guitar Center chose PSL as it’s location and opened earlier this year.
  4. The Digital Domain building is under contract and the Mayor wishes to lobby the state for a recovery bill to help recoup costs of that building debacle.
  5. There is “movement” at the Civic Center, though Ms. Faiella could not specifically say of what until the plans are more solid. She mentioned that the Realtors would have a “hay day” with whatever will eventually come to fruition.
  6. The old police substation off of Rosser Blvd is to become a library.
  7. Waste Pro will go to single stream recycling early 2014 meaning that our two bins and will be replaced by one large rolling can.
  8. The City’s building department issued 2000 permits in July! They are working on an electronic permitting program which will speed the process along. The department is also going to get more aggressive with unlicensed contractors and permitting.

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