Ben & Diane close on a House in Torino
This is the story about how Ben and Diane worked with me to purchase a house in the Torino area of Port St. Lucie which closed in April of 2011.

I met Ben and Diane through the Master Gardeners group here in St. Lucie. Their house was currently up for sale and they were looking to move out of a home owner’s association so that Diane could have more free reign with her gardening.

Ben and Diane were very objective in what they needed – a good view, a fairly new house, and they weren’t looking for a fixer-upper. After a few initial attempts, we eventually landed them a lovely home in the Torino area.

All of their needs were met – a good water/marsh view, the house was barely lived in, and all they needed to buy was a washer and dryer. We negotiated with the sellers to throw in a matching refrigerator and microwave since the house didn’t have one. Diane, the gardener that she is, told the seller they were more than welcome to remove the palm trees because Diane would like to start the yard from scratch and the seller, who was an investor, could use them as curb appeal on some of their other properties.

Torino Parkway Area

Click to see larger version of Map of Torino Parkway

The Torino area is in the north-western portion of Port St. Lucie. Even though most of the lots are the same size, residents claim that their land feels bigger because there are many natural buffer zones such as large canals and other vacant lots. Torino Parkway is essentially a circle that loops through all the neighborhoods. There are a few gated and home owner’s association communities that are within the area.

The market has always been bustling in Torino as a lot of the homes are newer and larger than other areas in Port St. Lucie. For those who don’t want the added fees of a home owners association, the Torino area may be a good choice. Take a drive through some of the neighborhoods and see what the area has to offer!

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