Denise in Lake Charles

Denise and I had been communicating via email since February until she decided to come down to look at houses in April. This was her first trip to Port St. Lucie and it made it even more delightful that her cousin stayed in Port St. Lucie and could show her around town when we were not touring houses.

It was only two days of touring and we visited mostly subdivisions in the St. Lucie West area. Denise quickly found the house that she liked in Lake Charles which ironically (maybe) is where her cousin vacations! Since it would just be Denise relocating to the area by herself she didn’t need a house that was very big.

We found her an adorable little two bedroom house on the west side of the Lake Charles community. The closing was quite easy as it was not a short sale or foreclosure. We negotiated with the seller and got $5,000 off of the asking price and the seller fixed up a few things that the home owner’s association needed taken care of.

The closing took place in 30 days and Denise came down and stayed at her cousin’s house until we closed in person at the title company. Her furniture and belongings were moved down a week or so later so she had time to go in and paint and make her new house a home!

Congratulations to Denise and welcome to Port St. Lucie!

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