Arrows up and downWhether you plan to buy or sell real estate in Port St. Lucie it’s important to know how the market is doing.

As a full-time broker-associate I am immersed in the data. Daily I witness the trends as I show properties to buyers and obtain feedback for sellers of my listings.

My market outlook for St. Lucie County:

Since mid-2011 I have been telling customers that our St. Lucie market has stabilized. Inventory has been going down and prices have stayed consistent. In the lower ranges – under $120,000 – we’ve seen sustained demand as investors, first time home buyers, and seasonal owners compete for properties.


Personally I keep track of the data for the individual neighborhoods in Port St. Lucie, specifically St. Lucie West and Tradition. If you’re curious to see how neighborhoods compare when it comes for sales price per square foot or the number of listings versus sold properties I’d be happy to share.

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In the message section please let me know if you’re interested in purchasing or selling a property and if you have a particular neighborhood of which you’re focusing.

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    You will not find the above-mentioned data from any other sources as most agents do not take the time to run the numbers like I do.

    Florida Realtors provides county market data which I make available for you here: 


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