What to Expect on Closing Day

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Closing day has finally arrived – congratulations! What a journey it has been, and hopefully fully of good memories with a final sense of arrival.

Here are a few things to discuss:

Closing Documents and Funds

The title company will have made sure that the property has clear title and will prepare the documents for all parties to sign. If you’re purchasing with a mortgage then your lender will have their closing documents sent to the title company to prepare.

If the title company is local then we will most likely close at their office. If they are from another area then they will probably send a notary with the documents. If you’re not local then the title company can email you the documents to have signed and/or notarized from your location.

Included in the closing package is the settlement statement which will detail all of the final costs. I do my best to obtain a copy for you to review at least 24 hours prior to closing. I review to make sure all costs are as expected and then pass on to you.

Paying cash? You can wire transfer the funds to the title company or bring a cashier’s check to closing.

If you’re purchasing with a mortgage then your mortgage lender will wire transfer their funds to the title company. You will have to bring a cashier’s check to closing with the remainder of your down payment and closing costs.

Final Walk Through

This is your option if you would like a final walk-through prior to closing. If the seller has recently moved out and you have not toured the property since it’s been vacant then I would suggest doing a final walk-through … maybe even a few days before closing just to be safe should we find a discrepancy.

Photo Op!

My favorite part is taking your photo in front of the house before closing. Check out the slideshow below of my past, happy buyers or visit this section to read their individual stories.

  • Linda and Antonio relocate from Miami to the Bayshore area in Port St. Lucie in November 2010.

  • Pauline & Raul relocate from Georgia to Heritage Oaks at Tradition in September 2011.

  • Claude and Aggie purchase a condo in the Belmont as a vacation property in July 2011.

  • Bob and Laurie purchase a vacation home in the Sandpiper area to escape the Wisconsin winters (June 2012). Read more...

  • Ken buys a retirement home in Kings Isle in January 2012.

  • David buys "Casa Relaxa" in East Lake Village as a vacation home in March 2012. Read more...

  • The Braendles purchased a vacation home in Kings Isle in January 2012. Read more...

Communication is key! If you feel that you are uncertain about a process during the purchase transaction please call, text, or email with your questions.

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