Why would you work with a real estate agent when you’re considering buying a house in Port St. Lucie? You’ve already got all the resources that you need right at your finger tips, right? Realtor.com will allow you to search for homes, Zillow will tell you if the house is worth what the seller is asking, and there are plenty of blogs and financial advice online to get your questions answered.

Many buyers start out on this path – and that’s okay. It’s smart to do your own research up front.

But eventually you find out that you can’t tour your favorite house without picking up the phone and calling the agent that has the listing. And the phone rings … and rings … and you leave a voicemail.

Now what?

What if you were to approach this differently? What if before you start searching for homes and saving favorites you were to first search for a real estate agent and find one that seems compatible for your personality?

Did you know that when a seller sells a house they typically “shop” for an agent? Why wouldn’t you do the same? You’re going to be working with this person for an extended period of time so you might as well get along with them!

Here are some things to consider about “hiring” an agent versus doing it yourself:

  • A real estate agent knows the home-buying process and will guide you through the steps from beginning to ending. She will also have connections should you need help with a mortgage lender, inspector, or even home services after you buy the house. 
  • Working with an agent gives you the inside scoop on properties as they just hit the market. Ever notice that you call on a property for sale only to find out that it’s already under contract? An agent will weed out these “contingent” listings. 
  • A real estate agent who is a REALTOR subscribes to the REALTOR Code of Ethics from 1913. They are: Loyalty to clients; Fiduciary (legal) duty to clients; Cooperation with competitors; Truthfulness in statements and advertising. 

Sarah Taylor is a Port St. Lucie native and is a full-time REALTOR.

She is also a broker-associate with RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty. Why choose a RE/MAX agent over the other companies?


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Sarah Taylor
As a licensed broker associate since 2008, Sarah is also a Florida native selling real estate in her home town, Port St. Lucie.

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